Dave is finished with his marathon…YAY!!!! Thanks to everyone for your support. I’m sure he’ll be blogging the whole story in a few days.


Mile 24

I have seen the tips of the mountain. And it is good.

What kind of an idiot decides to run a marathon in a monsoon. Blisterson both feet. No way I can stop now. I wish I was ethopian.

Dave is at mile 22…4.2 to go! He has one volcano left to climb. Then sweet relief on no more running for the day!



Dave’s blister is really difficult to run on…but he can do it! He is at mile 20! Everyone send him a motivating text message if you can. He has his phone with him.


Here’s a view Dave saw during the marathon…

Another view…

While running down the volcano…

Dave says in this pic, “I’m stoked because INow I’m running down the volcano.”

View of the ocean during the run…

View of the left foot…there’s a big blister developing…
Dave says, “Wet socks plus down hill equals big ol blister on my left foot.”

He’s more than half way done now:) …and he’s beating the 90 year old woman’s time:)


Today is the Day!!!!!!!

This is a picture of Dave before the race starts. He said it was a monsoon last night but just drizzling today and 70 degrees at the starting line.

This is a picture before the race…

Starting Line!…


Ready to Run – testing testing