Arch Nemesis’, or nemisi, or nemisises

I don’t know what the plural of Nemesis is, but these are the people/things who qualify as a nemesis of mine:

#1- The clock. The Whistlestop has a 6hr limit. That’s a 13:45min/mile pace. For most people, that’s not a problem, for an end of the pack guy like me, it is the Goliath for this David.

#2-Marilyn Schlaefer, age 75. Last year at the Whistlestop Half Marathon, Marilyn cleaned my clock. As the results came out I checked out the female age 70+. There were two entries. One person I bearly beat, the other person was Marilyn and she whipped me by a full minute/mile. She doesn’t know it, but while she is a superior runner to me, I’m gunning for you Marilyn.


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