My equipment

So here is what is going to bring me from 5 mile runs (at 15min/mile training pace) to the Whistlestop Marathon on Oct 11th (and The Chicago Half Marathon on Sep 10th).

-Shoes-Mizuno Insipre 5 (I have a moderate pronation and these work great)
-Socks-Underarmor low cut socks
-Nike Dri-FIT 7″ (I like a longer inseam,I don’t want short-shorts)
-Any basic wicking t-shirt. Typically plain colors, I’m not a flashy man.
-iPod in armband with running headset. I need the hard plastic thing to keep them in. I hate regular earbuds.
-Garmin 301 GPS watch. Its a dinosaur, but I have had it forever, even before I ran. Love it.
-Goo/fuel- Vanilla Power Bar Gel (although I think Nik from 4 Feet Running has me considering Espresso Hammer Gel)
-FuelBelt Helium 4-bottle Belt. I feel like a lame version of Robocop with this on.
-tons and tons of Body Glide
-My wife-not just for the sappy reasons…she’s a massage therapist.

That’s it. If you want to run a marathon all you need is the above and you will be good to go.


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  1. I would need an extra set of Lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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